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Salving marriage

Опубликовано: 13/12/2015

Routine and everydayness are two main reasons why family split up. Of course, those two reasons do not come on the surface of everyday life at once. Mutual love, peace, understanding and harmony exist up to the moment then there is a crush and heartthrob. With time they end over making way to real life. Sex takes backseats and becomes boring and nothing. As a result, ring-a-ding amount becomes less or totally stops. Here the turning period in family couple’s life starts. One chooses the simplest way of divorce and building up a new life. Others prefer more difficult way, trying to renew feelings and relations and make passion come back.

What is the way to revive passion and give new fuel to relationships?

One should act in two ways - sexual and mental.

It is a job of psychologist to help to work on spiritual relations and mutual mental understanding in the family. Yes, we are still not used to refer to therapists with problems. At the same time, a straight-out face-to-face cry-out about everyday concerns, without scandals and dramatics cannot be carried out by married couple. Psychologist, first of all, will teach you to listen to and understand each other. Afterwards, you can do everything yourself.

Sexual relations are no less important than “chemistry”. Regular sex is necessary, both for women and men. Lack of desire and passion can lead to changes and family breakdown. And the performance of bedroom duties without mutual desire become rather duty than sex. There are a lot of options how to vary intimacy and love life. You can try new poses, role-playing or using sex shops toys. Tried but no effect?

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Each couple is free to decide what way of going further to choose. But still no one succeeded in saving marriage without the struggle for the good of personal happiness. It is the easiest way to surrender at first difficulties. But will it help in the future to build a harmonious relationship with another person? Will it bring happiness or history will be repeated? These questions can be answered by no one except you.